Acme Welding Shop Ltd Regina

Serving Regina since 1946, ACME Welding Shop Ltd. specializes in boiler repair and retubing. Our journeymen boiler technicians install new tubes, mud rings as well as provide general maintenance and repairs. ACME retails and installs new efficient boilers. At ACME Welding, our welders provide ARC, acetylene and pressure welding. We bring our services to the worksite with our portable welding units.

Come visit our shop at 1419 Scarth Street for our complete line of boiler tubes in all sizes. For general boiler repair and maintenance, please call our office at 306-522-1377 or email us at

Products or Services

Stock of boiler tubes in all sizes
Installation of:
New tubes
Mud rings
New boilers
General repairs
Quality control program
ARC welding
Acetylene welding
Pressure welding
Welding procedures
Boiler Service