BN Steel & Metals Saskatoon

BN Steel & Metals is Saskatoon's local scrap metal and recycling center. Located conveniently on Quebec Avenue in the North end of Saskatoon, BN Steel accepts a wide variety of recyclable metals, as well as plastics and cardboard. With free commercial bin service, free appliance drop-off, and the best prices paid for recyclable metals, BN Steel helps keep Saskatoon green and clean.
Whether you need to discard an old appliance, scrap metal, radiators, batteries, scrap vehicles, or any other recyclable metal, BN Steel offers a quick and easy solution. Save yourself time, make some money on old metals, and help protect the environment - all with BN Steel & Metals.
BN Steel also sells new and used steel and metals. Visit them today for more information.

We Take Anything Metal!

Products or Services

Scrap Steel
Free Appliance Drop Off Available 24 hrs, 7 days/week
Free Commercial Bin Service
We Sell All Types of New and Used Steel