Classic Portable Sign Rentals Regina

At Classic Portable Sign Rentals our custom mini billboards have vivid full-colour picture graphics and are 20% larger than our competitors for maximum results. Our changeable lettered boards are posted with bright neon letters.

Locally owned & operated, our portable signs at 60 square feet are the largest allowed by law and can reach a maximum height of 10.5 feet.

We offer you three rental options: mini billboards, changeable lettered boards, or combining a picture graphic header for image leaving room for up to 5 lines of changeable letters.

Classic Portable Sign Rentals offers businesses in Regina a great cost effective way to advertise and rapid cost recovery.

Products or Services

Portable sign rentals
Custom mini billboards 20% larger
Fluorescent lettered signs
Combination signs (lettered & print)
Changeable lettered boards
Neon letters
Low rates
Picture graphics