Saskatchewan Health Authority Tisdale

On December 4, 2017, the Saskatchewan Health Authority launched, transitioning 12 former Regional Health Authorities to a single provincial health authority.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority is the largest organization in Saskatchewan, employing over 44,000 employees and physicians responsible for the delivery of high quality and timely health care for the entire province.

We are driven by the commitment to improve frontline patient care for Saskatchewan people, and we are working together to better coordinate health services across the province to ensure patients receive high quality, timely health care, wherever they live in Saskatchewan.

Products or Services

24 hour emergency outpatient care
Inpatient acute care
Palliative care
Laboratory services
Radiology service
Public health nursing
Home care services
Community wellness coordinators
Day care services
Regional Dementia care unit
Nutrition specialists
Speech/language pathologists
Early childhood psychologists
Dental health professionals