Kalyna Skin Care Center Regina

Kalyna Skin Care Center offers a variety of advanced skin treatments aimed at skin rejuvenation, elimination or reduction of skin imperfections and some pathological skin conditions such as acne. Kalyna uses state of the art technologies for all skin treatments which in turn offer an effective and essentially painless treatment of various skin conditions and aging.

Products or Services

Botox Injections
Facial Fillers
Laser Hair Removal
IPL Photofacial Treatments (Brown Spots, Sun Damage, Freckles)
Laser Leg Vein Treatment
Mesotherapy Cellulite Reduction
ACNE Treatment (IPL, Levulan)
Skin Rejuvenation (Wrinkles, Lines, Laxity, Rosacea, Pore Size)
Removal of Skin Tags, Warts & Moles