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The Mortgage Centre became Canada's first national mortgage broker organization in 1989. With mortgage rates near historic lows, you can save money by breaking out of your mortgage and renewing early. This enables you to get that cottage by the lake, take cash out of your home, buy a home when self employed or get ready cash whenever needed!
Incredibly 90% of Canadians renew their mortgage with the same lender by simply accepting that lender's posted rate. Check with us to see if we can do better even if you already have a renewal offer. We will re-evaluate your mortgage needs to see if your current mortgage is still the best fit.
Our Specialists are local business people with roots in the community and a deep understanding of the local market so you're assured of getting the best rates!

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Independent, unbiased advice
More mortgage choices
Best-available rates
Fast, convenient local service
Specialized knowledge
Secure, established lenders
Lowest Mortgage Rates...Guaranteed!
Each mortgage centre is independently owned and operated