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For over 35 years Ron's Car Care has been making vehicles look new again. From cars to boats Ron's Car Care provides complete detailing with professional and courteous service every time. Even as your new vehicle rolls off the assembly line, the paint finish is not protected. In fact the paint is less than half the thickness of a credit card. The enemy is fading, tree sap, bird droppings & road salt to name a few. The interior has enemies as well, food, drink spills & pet stains. Interior protection forms an invisible barrier that protects all surfaces while preserving the natural beauty. The DK9000 corrosion management system has proven to reduce corrosion for years on vehicles, underground pipelines, naval vessels, boats & bridges. Come visit us or call today for your free estimate.

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Services Include:
Complete Detailing Service
Corrosion Management Systems
Guaranteed Exterior Paint Sealants
Rust Proofing
Tar & Odor Removal
Fabric Protection
Use Environmently Friendly Products
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