RSR Construction & Foundation Repair Regina

Locally owned and family operated, RSR Construction & Foundation Repair has over ten years of experience in repairing foundations & waterproofing basements in the Regina area. Providing hands-on expertise ,the RSR team is fully licensed and insured, we've worked hard from start to finish to attain our reputation for quality service. That's why we're confident in providing our customers with a ten-year warranty on workmanship. The foundation of every home is its basement. Your basement has the vital job of supporting the entire house -from floors, walls, doors and windows, right up to the rafters and roof. When that support system is damaged or flawed, big problems can occur. Soil conditions, inadequate water drainage and environmental stress, can cause foundations to shift, tilt and crack.

Products or Services

Underpinning house leveling
Foundation waterproofing
Sump pits
Weeping tile
Wall bracing
Cracked basement
Wet basement
Regina foundation crack repair
Floor heaving
Computerized lifting system
Screw piles
Basement waterproofing
Window wells
Foundation repair
Wall straightening
Sump pumps
Dimple board
Interior waterproofing
Concrete basement wall repair
Concrete cutting


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