Pinder Bueckert & Assoc Inc Saskatoon

At Pinder Bueckert & Assoc Inc, our mission is to provide accurate, thorough and timely information to the individuals and corporations of Saskatchewan requiring debt-restructuring assistance or the assistance of formal processes including proposals and bankruptcy.

Pinder Bueckert & Associates Inc. offers a free initial consultation to assist you in determining the proper course of action for you - based on your present financial situation.

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Products or Services

Licensed Insolvency Trustees
Credit Counselling
Debt Settlements & Proposals
Financial Restructuring to get you Back on Track
Basic Debt Counselling
Formal Debt Re-structuring
Informal Debt Re-structuring
Formal Proposal to Creditors
Student Loan Debt
Consumer Loan Debt
Farm Debt
Credit Card Debt
Consumer Insolvency
Business & Agriculture Insolvency
Locally Owned


Member of Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP)